Monday, November 30, 2009

Tried & Tasted - Dhingri Badaami

My dear friend Raaga is hosting this month's Tried & Tasted, an event originated by Zlamushka.

This month Tried & Tasted celebrated the blog of Sunshinemom...a blog as pleasing and vibrant as Sunshine.

Her Blog is exhaustive in terms of exotic and not so exotic recipes. I love the look and feel of the blog(that's why she is on my blog roll).She also manages to change any ordinary recipe to vegan, something I wouldn't dare. Kudos to her.

There were so many of her recipes that I wanted to try, that I spent the whole month since Raaga's announcement browsing through her blog wondering what to make till I realised that today was already the last day.

So picked up this exotic preparation for the event as well as Don's Lunchbox.

I followed the recipe as it is except for two variations:

1.I used Kashmiri Red Chilli powder instead of ordinary variety of Chilli powder, which made the curry look very red

2. I added some cream at the end of cooking to give the curry a little more rich taste.

Go on, visit Sunshinemom and enjoy her blog as much as I do.

PS: The logo is designed by Ksenia


  1. Great entry Andy... I bought a bag of mushrooms and hope to make this too :)

  2. Thanks Raaga, wouldnt have missed an event organised by you!!

  3. Nice try Andy. Your pic and raaga's food photos look yummy!!!

  4. Oh it looks so delicious Andy...

  5. Hi Andy,
    Nice post, thanks :-) It is nice to see new people participating. Hope you re picking up next month´s challenge, too :-)

    Btw, it is extremly difficult for me to read your grey & green writing on such a dark green background. I am sure it comes out differently on your computer. I had the same problem. Please access your site from different screen resolutions and you ll see what I mean. I have a small laptop.

    Just an observation...

  6. Hey Andy, intersting what just happened. Once I posted my comment, a completely different design popped up - red "Whats cooking" side wallpaper with checkered light background. hm... I hope I am making sense here :-)

  7. Hi Andy, thanks for trying this out, and for your words of appreciation:).

    Happy New Year!